No cheerleader uniform but that title…

The evil sock machine has been conquered – mostly.

The wonderful Stephanie from Plum Cottage Crafts had knowledge, patience, a dremel and three cats.  The first three meant that after 6 hours she taught me how to use the ribber attachment, got the heel hook to stop grabbing the yarn guide, slogged with me thru a heel and a sample sock and made me feel much better about not having tossed Clayre Sophie out a window.

I had a problem with the cats, as I’m pretty darned allergic when there’s more than one cat in a household. The allergies made it impossible for me to return the next day for a Crank-In (a gathering of sock machine folk) but I had confidence that I’d be ok on my own.

The next day, after the wheezing stopped, I was able to crank out a tester sock.

The toe looks funky but that’s because hand cranked socks are the same as store bought, where the toe seam goes across the top of the foot.  I didn’t bother to sew this one up.

However, I made another sock, closed up the toe and had Tom model it.

That beauty took me just shy of 3 hours worth of cranking!

You’ll see more orange socks (Opal yarn was on sale at WEBS) over the next few days/weeks.  I hope you’ll bear with me while I try to improve my technique and speed.

Here’s a little video that I took from the hotel window.  When I arrived I had just missed a thunderstorm that knocked out power in the area.  I had just enough time to get some Starbucks and bring dinner back from Cracker Barrel before another storm hit.  Every TV channel was yelling about tornado warnings and I thought I’d be eating my grits in the bathtub – literally and figuratively. The twisters stayed away but it still made for an exciting evening.

10 thoughts on “S U C C E S S

  1. very cool (the sock, your progress and the weather!) – congrats on figuring out how to use Clayre Sophie!!!

  2. So cool!!!! They look great and wonderful to be able to get in-person instruction. I would never be able to figure it out on my own.

  3. Yeow – that was some storm! I love your socks – it looks like you have indeed shown Clayre Sophie who’s the alpha knitter around there.

  4. I so knew you could do it. Allergies and all. 🙂 And the orange isnt so bad! Are they made toe up or ankle ribbing up? If the latter you could just put the stitches on sticks at the toe area and finish up that way – for a more flattering toe. But really…its a toe. Noone will care. !! More more!

  5. 1) Yay! I’ve always worried that some day the evil sock machine would eat you. I feel much better now.

    2) Orange is GOOD.

    3) Curiosity: do hand-cranked socks fit as well as hand-knit socks?

  6. Hey, we loved the stitch markers! Your yarn is finally going out in the mail today! Thanks for your patience. 🙂

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