9 Beds No Waiting

Tomorrow I’ll be taking a little one-gal road trip, to learn how to use my NZAK Circular Sock Machine (CSM). I’ve had Clayre Sophie for exactly a year, today!  It’s time I stopped wishing I could throw her off the roof and started cranking with a song in my heart.  If the one-on-one lessons don’t do the trick, I’m sunk.

Today, while I made another double batch of zucchini bread, Tom did his version of “Sweating Like An Oldie” and, well…watch and see

I’ll be back on Sunday and, cross your fingers, I’ll have good news.

5 thoughts on “9 Beds No Waiting

  1. Congratulations, you won the skein of yarn in the Knitcircus giveaway! Please send a message with your postal addy to: jaala@knitcircus.com and I’ll get your handspun in the mail!
    Jaala Spiro
    Editor, Knitcircus

  2. Oh, neato – you won!

    But I really tuned in to tell you I’m so glad you’re taking the Evil Sock Machine safety course. I do occasionally wake up in the middle of the night worried that it will eat you if you turn your back.

    So, referring to the Twitter thing, do you think practice will improve the 3-hour sock time? Or is it a set sort of thing? Don’t get me wrong… I don’t think I could knit a sock in three hours with a gun to my head and an extra arm. I just wonder about this sock machine.

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