Gardens Are Dangerous

Sunday was Tom’s birthday and he started the celebration by playing in a golf tournament (shocker). While he didn’t place, money-wise, he did win a skin and that was pretty exciting. FYI, winning means you get credit in the pro shop. Winning a skin is cold, hard cash. Now you see the excitement?

I attempted to attack the zucchini’s in our disposal sink by making the zucchini bread. I gave up after a double batch only chewed up the smallest and most of a large zuke. And they just keep coming..

that’s four 12″ long and a small 9″-er.

After golf, we went out to dinner and then lounged around like old people. It was wonderful.

Monday we took a trip to VF Outlet Center. The Blue Building – which used to be called Big Blue – is a great place for comfy clothes and Tom put a hurting on my credit card. Then we crossed over to the Designers Place, where we spent FOREVER in Reading China & Glass. My credit card was almost smoking by the time we left with lots of little purchases.

The big purchase was a new food processor. Tom’s old food processor is so old that the white is now yellow. Hooray for the Amazon app on my phone. I looked it up, priced it and ordered it then and there. Saved us about $50 and it arrived on Wednesday. 🙂

After the shopping, we went and saw “The Sorcerer’s Apprentice“. Going to the movies on a Monday afternoon is awesome. There were only 4 people in the theater, including us. Tom had a vat of popcorn and we enjoyed the movie.

Tuesday – A trip to my Dad’s. I tweeted this for Thursday but it sums up Tuesday.

This day felt like “A threeeee hour tour”

Luckily, I sit thru most of the drive staring at my phone. I tweet, I play Scrabble, I read newspapers, I check the weather, I check the traffic and, when I’m lucky, I spend an hour or so IM’ing with Rox and sometimes, Shan. My phone is a sanity saver and not just for me. If I’m looking at my phone, I can’t play co-pilot to Tom’s driving. Sanity AND marriage saver.

Wednesday – A chiro appointment. She had learned something new and I was the test subject. As usual, when I left the office I felt ok but a few hours later I felt like a crash test dummy. Even today, I’m still having trouble sleeping because of my neck pain.

Thursday – The Summer bowling lunch/meeting. I was set to get groceries and head home but Jane had a knitting emergency – she ran out of yarn for her current project – and I jumped into my role as her Knit Whisperer. I whisked her to the yarn store where she found contrasting yarn (they were out of the color she needed) and I showed her how to rip back to incorporate a different color as a stripe for her (to be) felted bag. The girl in the shop asked me to leave my name and phone number at the counter so they could hire me. LOL. I left some of my MOO cards and we went back out into the sweltering heat. A brief stop at Granny McCarthy’s Tea Room for iced tea – Peach and Apricot was amazing – and I snagged some currant scones to take home.

Friday was a blur of grocery shopping, allergy shots, watering the garden, calling Rox to wish her a happy birthday (HAPPY BIRTHDAY, ROX!). The usual stuff.

It’s no wonder I’m hardly at my computer to do a blog post. Me, with ALL the time.

Oh, the garden danger?

Earlier in the week, one of our neighbors showed up at our front door, 4-year-old boy in tow. Seems he had winged one of his teeny crocs into our garden. I took them out there to look for it and the little fellow looked like he was on safari, trying to make his way thru the 4′ weeds.

So today, Tom and I were out there doing some weeding. Tom kept smacking me in the head with weeds, as he tried to pull them up. I turned away, tripped over the garden hose, twisted my ankle and hurt my neck trying to avoid falling.

I move like a gazelle.


Kim commented “a gazelle stalked by a lion”, and I realize I was a gazelle being stalked by a croc.

OK. Maybe I’m the only one who thinks that’s funny.

So be it.

8 thoughts on “Gardens Are Dangerous

  1. wow, you’re right, your zucchini harvest makes mine look like nothin’ 😉 hope the ankle heals quickly!!

  2. Crocodiles???? or shoes. I will be sad if it’s a shoe.
    Sounds like a really busy week and I hope you’ve recovered from you fall!!

  3. LOL @ Cindy! You didnt tell me you were in pain? Weed pain, neck pain, ankle pain. Sorry Chickie!!! HUGS

  4. You know, if you’d stop watering the zucchini, you’d both 1) run out of zucchini, and 2) not have a hose to trip over.

    Two crocs. One stone.

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