Just another quick post.

Robin asked for the Zucchini Bread recipe and I found it on my blog, from August of last year.

Here’s the link.

I haven’t gotten around to baking, yet.  Yesterday was filled with “waiting for cable guy” and chiropractor appointments (both of us).  My chiropractor wants me to see someone who can specifically work on my C2 problem.

I’d like my C2 problem to become C U later, if ya know what I mean…and I think ya do.

4 thoughts on “Recipe

  1. (almost!) perfect timing!! but we used the last of our zucchini monday night – and thankfully!! – haven’t received any more this week 🙂

  2. I shall wait for my as yet to be planted zucchinis to arrive!! Good luck with the Someone and the C2

  3. Now…I want zucchini bread. I have all the ingredients except the main one, hubby will be making a grocery run today. !!

    And yea, I do know what you mean!

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