Clapotis #3

I forgot to post about my finished Clapotis.

I started this at Stitches East, back in October.  Jane and I (yes, she got the same yarn in a different color) decided we’d knit until our yarn ran out so we’d have reeeeaaaaaly long, skinny Clappy’s.

Fast-forward 9-ish months.  Sick of knitting this thing so I started the decrease rows and finished it.

It’s over 6 feet long.

I weighed the remaining yarn and learned that I had only used a little more than half. OY.

Now what to do with the “leftover” yarn?

Exciting Stats –

Pattern: Clapotis by Kate Gilbert as seen in Knitty, Fall 2004

Yarn: Madelinetosh – Tosh Lace

Colorway: Duchess

Needle Size: 1 KnitPicks Circular

Start/Finish: 10/23/09 – 7/4/10

7 thoughts on “Clapotis #3

  1. Yeah, I’ve had things that I just got sick of. Start those decreases early and get it over with.

  2. Kudos to you for having the sense to stop knitting! 6 feet is plenty long!! …and there are plenty of pretty scarves and shawls to knit with ~400 yds of laceweight. for a scarf, I like wisp, and for a shawlette, annis and little leaves by susanna IC…. (btw – just tried out the new search feature on ravelry and wow! it’s even easier and faster … and has better pictures!)

  3. Yet another lovely shawl! Is it brown or a dark purple? You will love the length this Winter, Clap’s are perfect for the colder season.

  4. Pretty! I thought I was the last knitter to knit a Clapotis! Love mine – knit it out of Blue Heron metallic & rayon. Want to do another one for more general use — maybe out of a wool / silk blend. Loved running those dropped stitches! Very satisfying!

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