My Blue…and shades of brown…Heaven

Beth has been raving about this pattern for a while and what could be wrong with a one-skein, quick pattern?

Nothing. At. All!

It took me a week but that’s because I spent one whole “knitting day” tinking rows.  No idea why but I had messed it up on the final lace rows.  Also, I omitted 2 of the final rows because I didn’t think I’d have enough yarn to get them done.  If I try this again, with Malabrigo, I’ll go for broke and see how it shakes out.

I’m sure I’ll try it again. 😀

First, it was just a little baby.

Then, it was done in a flash – if you warp time wherein a week becomes a flash, that is.

Here it’s doing the “I’m lace and I look like cat yack” impression.

After a nice soak in some Aquae SOAK (my favorite scent, if you’re keeping score on what I like)

I followed the pattern directions and blocked it “Aggressively” with my wires

and recruited my Chiropractor’s assistant (I tried to get my Chiro but she insisted her assistant has “beautiful skin”.  Who looks at skin when there’s Malabrigo in the room??) to model the finished shawl.

Mary asked if I was going to block the points and they cooperated nicely.

Vital Statistics –

Pattern: 198 yds. of Heaven from Verity Knits (free pattern on Ravelry)

Yarn: Malabrigo worsted

Colorway: Charrua

Needle: Size 7 circular

Start/Finish: 7/10/10 – 7/17/10

7 thoughts on “My Blue…and shades of brown…Heaven

  1. I’ve raved about it, too! Seriously love this pattern. Have made two and given both away. It’s the perfect gift – doesn’t cost too much and doesn’t take so long to make. 4 nights each – practically knit themselves. Yours turned out well.

  2. Blocking truly is magic. I have that near the top of my queue, so it’s great to see yours looking so fabulously inspiring!!

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