What’s the What

It’s turning into another busy week, me here with ALL the time.

Monday was non-knitting day – Jane is away.  It worked out though because I needed to package up my stitch markers for their wonderful trip across the country.  My markers are going to Silk Retreat, as part of the goodie bags.  They’re on their way! Funny, my markers keep going but I’m probably not going to get to those great weekend events for a while, if ever.

Do you think they’ll write home?

Tom and I did a tandem trip to the allergist and then to Lowe’s, to buy a new kitchen faucet for my Dad.

Tuesday was the above mentioned fix and it turned out to be a long day.  Left at 7:30am, bank and grocery shopped for Dad before we got to his house then out to lunch.  After lunch was the start of the fun.  Tom realized he needed a different wrench than the one we brought along.  The back of the box had nice pictures of:

  • a phillips head screwdriver
  • a wrench
  • plumbers putty

Tom wanted to go to Lowe’s to get a different wrench and I told him not to go that far (about 6 miles/25 minutes with traffic…and there’s always traffic), and to just go to the hardware store in town. Two trips back and forth to the hardware store and then he was off to Lowe’s for the right wrench. (Shan would understand what kind of wrench we needed.  It was a long telescoping thing with a clampy thing on top. Tom say’s it’s a faucet wrench.)

The job itself took less than 30 minutes but with shopping time, we didn’t leave Dad’s house until 5:40pm.

Yup.  Rush hour on Long Island/NY.

Wednesday was planting the tomatoes and squash that Tom picked up for me, at Lowe’s, as a surprise.  No wonder it took him so long to find a wrench!  Awwwwww!

(Checks clock…I’m running late!  Gotta wrap this up!!)

Here’s my tweet, from yesterdays planting:

“Bad time to find out hose nozzle in garden doesn’t work. And the shovel end I’m using has a wasp nest in it & Mom & Dad wasp came back! :-O”

Yeah.  Fun.

Today I have a haircut, in less than 30 minutes.  There won’t be a lot of cutting because I’ve hated my hair ever since my last cut.  I’ll call it a trim, instead.

After that, I have a Rule’s Committee meeting, for bowling.  It’s called a meeting but it’s really a reason for the President of the league to make a nice lunch for about 7 people.  She’s got a pool and always tries to get us to go in but, really, have you seen the shade of my skin?  One of the other ladies is even paler.  It’s supposed to be in the mid-90’s today.  I’m stayin’ inside!

THEN, I have a Chiropractor appointment.

Honestly, this is the longest I’ve been on my computer in almost 2 weeks – if you don’t count this weekend when I was working for Tom…and I don’t.

OK.  Gotta have breakfast and put on a hat.


4 thoughts on “What’s the What

  1. You have been busy, I have no idea about the right wrench!!! I would have been no help. What a lovely surprise: little seedlings!!
    It must be Internet haircut week!! Good luck with that!!

  2. Busy busy! Hoping the marker give-away brings you a ton of business.

    Plumbing issues here….is Tom busy this weekend?

  3. Faucet wrench was the first thing that popped into my head…yup…I’ve got one (and its pre D-man).

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