Just A Bit Of Swagger

I know you all know this but July 31st is National Dance Day.

I’m a big fan of “So You Think You Can Dance” and this video is from the DizzyFeet Foundation web site.

Everybody DANCE!

Yes.  I mean YOU!

What?  You don’t want to dance?  OK.  Then I’m sure this routine would be a great work-out, too. I’m going to try to learn it ’cause I got some SWAGGER.

I haven’t lost my mind…mostly…I just felt like tossing this out there.

4 thoughts on “Just A Bit Of Swagger

  1. I totally danced. Out in my front yard too. In Daisy Dukes. And full on Tammy Faye makeup. With all my nbh’s (neighbors from hell) watching.

    I’m just waiting to be a youtube sensation.

  2. You have got to put up a new post. Everytime I stop by here I see the word “swagger” and it puts that song in my head… “but we kick em’ to curb unless they look like mick jagger”.

    And I don’t even know the name of the song….

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