380-ish Georgia Things

  1. Yes. It’s 380-ish things if you count Shan’s and Rox’s posts.
  2. Kim didn’t number hers but I’ll bet she had, at least, 50 things.
  3. I’m going to steal pictures from all of them.
  4. An early flight is a PITA, when it comes to waking up but a late flight means I get antsy about flying and can’t sit down for hours, before leaving the house.
  5. There might even have been a small freak-out, involving tears and hugging.
  6. When you get to a kinda small airport, 2 hours before your flight, it feels like you’re in a Stephen King novel.  I was there with 5 other people.
  7. Thank goodness Shan picked up her phone when I called her.
  8. When you’re on your phone, in a kinda small airport, your voice bounces off the windows.
  9. Once I got to the airport, the nerves calmed down.
  10. I bought enough food to feed the whole flight.
  11. Then I took my Dramamine.
  12. Renting a movie from iTunes, to watch on a 100-minute flight, is a mistake. You only get 24 hours to complete watching the movie.
  13. I missed the last 20 minutes of “Leap Year” when the movie vanished from my iPhone.
  14. It was nice to have Kim & Shan greet me at baggage claim.
  15. Even the shuttle driver’s are nice, in Georgia.
  16. Our first waitress was so cute, I wanted to put her in my pocket.
  17. I’m pretty sure they have laws against that kind of thing.
  18. Sweet tea is good.
  19. My chicken sandwich was horrible but the chocolate cake was great.
  20. I took half of the cake back to my room.
  21. One of us does not like “live music”.
  22. Shan gave us all “goodie” bags.  They were packed with candy, crackers, chocolate, tissues, notepads, a water bottle and all kinds of stuff that one might forget to bring when traveling.
  23. I wasn’t able to re-pack my bag but she did it in 4.2 seconds.
  24. Personal Fans RULE!
  25. Rox totally rocks the short pants.
  26. I love having my own hotel room.
  27. I cranked the A/C down to 60 degrees, at night.
  28. Don’t laugh, I have night sweats.
  29. I woke up at 6:50 every morning.
  30. Kim went ga-ga over the flower shaped waffles but never got one.
  31. An iphone takes really nice pictures but not nice enough for vacationing.
  32. The Lenox Mall is very nice.
  33. This is a “Rox approved” photo.
  34. This should be, too.
  35. The mall makes happy people!
  36. I don’t even know what store we were in but they had a LUSH shop.
  37. If you know what’s good for you, you won’t buy the sparkly white soap.
  38. If I had seen this, I would have bought it.
  39. The people at the mall Starbucks were ON. THE. BALL. I didn’t have to repeat my order and they didn’t even have to write it down, as I rattled it off.
  40. Getting a henna/mehndi is very fast.
  41. Remember to pee first or you’ll have to go 2 minutes after they say “Don’t let anything touch your hand for, at least, 90 minutes.”.
  42. I was afraid they’d have to call the Fire Department, when I tried to get my pants back up with one hand.
  43. People think you’re strange when you’re laughing in a bathroom stall.
  44. They also think you’re strange when you take pictures of the bathroom door.
  45. Multiple times.
  46. Damned tourists.
  47. I wanted this luggage.
  48. A lot.
  49. There was a cat in one of the yarn stores.
  50. If you’re allergic to cats, don’t pet them no matter how beautiful and adorable they are. You will start to wash your hands and then remember your new henna/mehndi.
  51. Getting a henna/mehndi is fast but not being able to use soap on it, for 2 days, is a PITA.
  52. The brakes on Shan’s truck are top notch.
  53. One of us said she may have peed a little, while said brakes were being employed.
  54. Kim can text, tweet and post on FaceBook like nobody’s business.
  55. From the back seat of the car.
  56. We ate at Houston’s and the ribs were fantastic.
  57. I know the link is to “Hillstone”.
  58. Don’t ask me why, I don’t live there.
  59. I had to take 1/2 of my meal back to the hotel.
  60. On the way to the dessert place, we almost got smushed.
  61. It wasn’t Shan’s fault.
  62. Yes, this is where I blurted out the infamous “Motherf*cker!”.
  63. I still think I said “What the F*CK!”
  64. One of us, again, said she may have peed.
  65. We gave money to some guy in a parking lot, so we could…park.
  66. I said he didn’t work there, he just collected money from people.
  67. It would have been a good gimmick.
  68. The fan at Cafe Intermezzo may have been a tad strong.
  69. Which would account for Rox’s nose/bug incident.
  70. The chocolate cake was great.
  71. I took half of it back to my room.
  72. Every third street is named “Peachtree”
  73. I tried to get pictures of the Olympic Torch, about 80 times.
  74. (Insert Olympic Blur Torch photo here)
  75. I think that’s how many times we passed it.
  76. Shan wouldn’t stop to let me get a photo.
  77. We were on a major highway.
  78. Picky, picky.
  79. Crepe Myrtles are pretty.
  80. One of the yarn stores was pretty darned snooty. Is this common in stores that carry Rowan?
  81. They posted a sign about how expensive their time is.  If the store isn’t busy, would they rather be picking lint off the floor?
  82. I’m not talking about them having a class.  This is if your problem takes more than 5 minutes of their time.
  83. I’d be rich if I charged for helping a fellow knitter.
  84. It’s just wrong.
  85. Even Kim’s accent gets stronger when she says “Buford”.
  86. Cast-On Cottage made me drool.
  87. I got Madeline Tosh sock and Malabrigo Sock.
  88. We went to a glass shop and I wanted to buy up all of the fish and make my own reef.I don’t know how Shan does it. I’d lose my eyebrows in the first 7 seconds of lighting that torch.
  89. I had the best breakfast I’ve ever eaten.
  90. You can see it here.
  91. There was very little left to take back to the hotel.
  92. I met a “Top Chef” cheftestant (Kevin Gillespie) and was very cool about it.
  93. Pay no attention to Shan’s #14, or Rox’s #…ummm…second #7(?).
  94. This is our only “all together” photo.
  95. See?  Food really does bring people together.
  96. If we had been in Atlanta one day sooner, we could have gone to this.
  97. Then Kim, Shan and Rox would have been…ahem…cool, too.
  98. One hour later, I ate my first Krispy Kreme donut, while it was hot.
  99. I probably would have loved it if I wasn’t filled to the gills with caramelized bananas.
  100. I can’t help but mug for the camera.
  101. We went to Trader Joe’s.
  102. Does this cart make my butt look big?
  103. Clearly, this is NOT a “Life Is Good” shirt. (The only one, out of four.)
  104. I surprised Kim by singing “Ain’t Goin’ Down ’til The Sun Comes Up”.
  105. Bruschetta and I are NOT friends.
  106. Kim knits socks, using straight needles!
  107. The GPS in Shan’s car likes to screw with her.
  108. I don’t appreciate it when a hoard of kids hit all of the elevator buttons, when I’m trying to get downstairs to the computer at 11pm.
  109. I wanted to be asleep by 10.
  110. Damned kids were on the hotel computer, playing poker, and I wanted to check-in for my flight.
  111. I have little tolerance for kids who show no respect to elders.
  112. I’m pretty darned elder.
  113. Rox can be angelic, when she wants to.
  114. She is SO gonna kick my ass.
  115. On the last day, my stomach was very bad until around 1pm.
  116. Shan & Kim were very understanding.
  117. I had to leave all of my “leftovers” in the hotel fridge. 😦
  118. I got to the airport four hours early, thinking I’d check out the shops and have some Starbucks.
  119. There was no Starbucks in my terminal.
  120. I think all of the cool shops were in other terminals, too.
  121. When I felt better, I bought a sandwich, a muffin, soda, water and peppermint patties.
  122. When we boarded the plane, we were told we were going to sit for about 45 minutes until we could “line up” (my ATC husband says this is the technical term) to take-off.
  123. I started to panic (claustrophobic) and had visions of them escorting me off in handcuffs.
  124. I made it thru the panic.
  125. I watched most of  “Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs”, during the flight.
  126. Everything but half a sandwich and some water came back to the house.
  127. I like to have food around me.
  128. This is what a henna/mehndi looks like, after four days.
  129. Next time I bring a bigger suitcase.
  130. Thanks to Kim for taking the pictures.
  131. Thanks to Shan for doing all of the driving (right! left! right!)
  132. Thanks to Rox for not bringing the hooker into the hotel with her.
  133. I was happy to be home but our time together wasn’t long enough.
  134. I can’t wait to do it again.
  135. I loved meeting these ladies.

8 thoughts on “380-ish Georgia Things

  1. This cracked me up all the way thru. Well, except for the photos that I will have to kill you for posting. I thought you and the whole Kevin thing was very brave and of course – super cool. Proud of you. 🙂

    Just reading this I think I missed so much! I never saw the bathroom stall, the bad chicken or the rugrats in the elevator or or or!

    Thanks chickie….for everything! (but the photos, for that you will pay)

  2. I give you lots of points for accuracy and truthiness, but I am most impressed that you remembered how to spell Crepe Myrtle correctly!!

    And you’re right, we didn’t have enough time.

  3. I have enjoyed all the numbers!!Fun, panic, rage, hunger, lust: it was all there.
    I hat snooty wool shops too. For heaven’s sake, it is their job to help you. I love all the photos!!

  4. how fun! and thank you for the kind comments about cast-on cottage – so sorry I wasn’t working and missed meeting you and your friends!

  5. Hubby just came into the bedroom to see what all the laughing was about. I said, “Sorry, honey, don’t think you’d understand. It’s a girl thing.” 🙂

    And that sparkly white thing at Lush? I’m putting my money on Snowcake, ugh!

  6. You * Are * A * HOOT!!! I want to print this post out so I read it whenever I need a laugh! Unfortunately, that cart does make you look like you have a rather large asset and I want that luggage, too! Gosh, I wish I could have been with you all. Too much fun was had!

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