And Now I Explain…

that Wordless Wednesday photo.

Tom and I drove 4.5 hours to get to my Dad’s and then we went to lunch.  Tom was exhausted and Dad is always tired after we have lunch, so I took Dad’s shopping list and went into the grocery store, leaving them to relax.

When I was done shopping I got to the car and saw my ever vigilant car guards and had to snap a picture.

Even better, when I opened the car door Tom woke up and said my Dad remembered something else that he needed.  I went back into the store and two minutes later my Dad came wheeling by (with his cane in a shopping cart).

Blah, blah, blah.

Back to the car, we go.  I opened the back door and woke up Tom, again.  He looked over and saw Dad getting into the car and said,

“You got out? When did you leave?”.

And once again, I feel safe and secure with my bodyguard.

5 thoughts on “And Now I Explain…

  1. Yeah, see, I was intimidated every time I checked in on your blog and saw those two. What if I misspelled or something?

    I’m glad they’ve moved on down the page a little.

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