Lighting It Up

Last night, I lit a memorial candle for my Mom.  It hasn’t been a full year but this goes by the Jewish calendar, so light I did. I had to put it into the bathroom, overnight, so Wesley wouldn’t go crazy with the flickering on the stove…or more likely, so I wouldn’t lose sleep, worrying about Wesley going crazy with the flickering, jumping onto the stove and potentially burning down the house.

This morning, while I was chatting away to the candle (nuts much?) and refilling my pill box (I don’t care what people think but if you take more than one pill a day, these things are great) I went to cover one of the pill bottles with a small hotel soap.  As I was laughing at that small glitch, I took another bottle and started shaking them out to put them in pill box.

If I hadn’t been paying attention – as if I was paying any attention at all, in the first place – I would be sleeping right now, instead of blogging.  You see, I was shaking out Ambien, instead of allergy pills.

I’m guessing it would have put a damper on the bowling banquet, tonight.

Now I’m heading out to Sephora, so I can buy eye cream that I’ll try to use as hand moisturizer, and body wash that I’m sure I’ll grab to wash my hair.

I sure do miss my Mom.

10 thoughts on “Lighting It Up

  1. If it makes you feel any better, while putting away groceries I put the olive oil on the bathroom counter and the hand soap in the pantry. Clearly my mind was elsewhere.

    Big hugs to you. Mom’s rock.

  2. I hope the candle ritual helps a little. I put the kettle in the bedroom so I think you can rest easy on the whole forgetfulness thing!!

  3. Yup, you should take up drinking … just finsh off all those poor little brain cells. Hang in there.

  4. Thanks for sharing about you mom and the candle. If I knew how to put one of those cute heart symbols here ___ I would. Pretend its there, and I’m sending you a hug.

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