Here’s The Story

As it often happens, I’m so late with my recap of Maryland Sheep & Wool and the other things that have been going on that now I’m at a loss for words (hush, Rox).

MDS&W was fun.  I had to get up at 4am to catch the bus at 6. The day was really hot but there were lots of shaded areas to flop down in.

Jane brought a baseball cap but I didn’t think to bring one so I had to buy something.  Enter the Outback Trading Company “Bushwacker” hat with mesh.

Literally a Hot Mess

Thank goodness for the mesh for I would have melted. (Bet you thought I was going to say I’d have been a mesh.)

The yarn was all beautiful and we especially loved the Creatively Dyed Yarns booth.  All but our Malabrigo sock was bought there.

You can see larger photos if you click the “View All Images” button, at the bottom of the slide show.

Oh, and one more shot of Jane’s beautiful yarn.

Almost, My Precious

She’s lucky the yarn made it back to her, after I had it for winding.

We visited some of the animal barns but it was very crowded and H O T.

You think you're hot, try lugging around some fleece.

You should also check out Charisma Art Gallery for their “Sheep Incognito” collection.  I wish I could have taken them all home but I was underfunded for the full size versions.

We were done walking, buying, eating and thinking by 1:30.  The bus wasn’t leaving until 4:45.

OMG, isn't she done taking pictures with that stupid phone?

There was much jockeying for position, in the shade of buildings, then moving as the sun moved.

At one point, Jane waited next to a building while I used the “facilities”.  It was behind a “Freshly Squeezed Lemonade” booth.  When I came out, there was a kid next to her, pouring something into big buckets.  (I can’t believe this.) He was pouring Country Time Lemonade Mix into the buckets.

I supposed that the motion of squeezing a few lemons, to toss into the dispenser, made the powdery mix into “Freshly Squeezed”.  Whatever.  It was fantastic to drink it, in the 87 degree weather.  And now I know I like Country Time!

All in all, an exhausting, fun day.  I never usually buy a lot at these events but sure do enjoy the looking.

3 thoughts on “Here’s The Story

  1. Here, a bushwacker is a ute!!! Glad you don’t have to wear one. Oh that’s a bit deceptive on the lemonade maker’s part. Glad you had a wonderful time and you do look great in the hat!!!
    Love the slide show!!

  2. I’m sure he was pouring out the Country Time powder so that they could squeeze real lemons into the empty containers and use that to make their lemonade …

  3. Every time I see a photo of you its a different look!! Digging the hat 🙂

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