I was really trying to get a post up today but I’ve hardly been home – or had time for my computer – since last Wednesday.

Hooray for the iPhone that allows me to check my e-mail, go on FaceBook and Twitter, take pictures while on the way to my Dad’s (for Wordless Wednesday) and play Scrabble.

Over the last week I’ve

  • Gone to the camera store to learn how to use PhotoShop for doing stitch marker stuff.
  • Gone to Maryland Sheep & Wool Festival – there WILL be a post about this, with a few pictures of the yarn that was acquired.
  • Gone on an overnight trip, with Sandy, to a semi-local casino – another post-to-be.
  • Gone to my Dad’s – no one wants to hear about that.
  • Set-up a sale on my Artfire shop.  Stitch markers are 15% off, thru Mother’s Day, in honor of my Mom.
  • Finished the bowling season and tied for high average – 165 – but lost out by percentage points.
  • Gotten a haircut.  Almost got a pixie cut but chickened out and will try it AFTER my trip next month. This will give it time to grow back before anything major is planned.  Stylist dared me to try on some acid green nail polish.  I thought she knew me better.  Yes, my left index fingernail is acid green.

Today I’m working on orders for the home biz, for the first time since 2 weekends ago.

3 thoughts on “Foof!

  1. First, I love Scrabble. One of the best games in the world. All of your adventures sound fabulous, but I must admit I am terribly jealous that you were at the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival and I was not! Every year I say I’m going to go, and every year something comes up. Argh. Oh well, maybe next year. 🙂 Finally, the acid green nail polish sounds awesome.

  2. Oh you have been so busy. What do you think about Scrabble’s new rules?? Very radical I think!!! I have had green nail polish and it makes me look sick!!!

  3. (Counting fingers…wondering if I can work MS&W into a route before my HS reunion next year, our 40th. I’m sure I won’t recognize all those old people. 🙂

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