Rude Awakening

Nothing like being woken up by the cat at 5am because DADLEFTFORWORKANDHESAIDISHOULDCOMEWAKEYOUUP


Waiting an hour for him to stop yelling and scratching on the door, I checked my email, from my phone, and saw:


We have received notice from $%&*$% Air Lines that they have:
* Cancelled 2 of your flights

The flights that I researched for a week and just booked a few days ago. The flights that ARE my trip.

If that’s not a WTF moment, I don’t know what is.

Now I’m up and I stumble downstairs to kick the cat around a bit give the cat some food and get on my computer.  I check the itinerary and it looks peachy keen so I call &**$$&^!.com and they say all is well (sure, it’s around 4:30pm where customer service is located) but since the email shows a different airline confirmation code – which says that there is nothing, for that confirmation code BECAUSE THE FLIGHT HAS BEEN CANCELLED! (I mumbled that last bit into the phone) – I should call back at normal business hours.

How likely is it that I’m going to be able to go back to bed now?



I did get back to sleep.  I just called &**$&^!.com.  The only explanation that they could give me was that there was a double booking so one was cancelled.

Don’t worry, ladies!  I’m still comin’!

5 thoughts on “Rude Awakening

  1. Now I am on tenterhooks?? Is it on, or off?? I had my first dogs tricked into thinking I was only officially ‘awake’ if I spoke, so I could do cups of tea and reading in bed in peace. The newer dogs figured it out…..

  2. Not a good morning! Hope everything works out for you.

    Also, happy belated birthday!!!

  3. Huh. Your comment thingie hates me. Perhaps it’s revenge for my comment thingie hating you. Unless, of course, you just decided not to post my comment. In which case I beg your comment thingie’s pardon.

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