Half Century

On Monday, Tom came home from his 10-day work trip.  I should have put air quotes around work because he has a great time working and he also got in four rounds of golf.

Say it with me.

“Awwwwww. Poor Tom.”

OK.  So when he got home, I was hungry and – since I hadn’t cooked for almost two weeks – wanted to go out to eat.

“Let’s go to the Sands Casino.  They have a Carnegie Deli!”

The casino is the former site of Bethlehem Steel.

They have sandwiches bigger than your head!

So we ate and decided to play the slots for an hour.  We played some quarter machines and then went for the FUN stuff – the penny machines.

You know how that goes, right?  Play 30 cents and win 25…laugh.  Play another 30 cents and win 500…laugh.  We were trying to top each other’s wins.  I had made the high win with 800 ($8) and then Tom had to go ahead and top that with this…

The machine started to make all kinds of noise and just didn’t stop.  Tom kept looking around and had no idea what he had done.  I said “You won 101,512 cents!” and we laughed and kept saying “That’s $100!!” and were thrilled.

Oh, stop laughing.  We were caught up in the fun.

Two women were walking by and told him that his win was great.  He said to them, “I know!  It’s $100!” and they informed us that it wasn’t $100.  It was $1,000.

DUH!  Yes.  It was a $1,015.12 win on a 30 cent bet.  It was the highest that he’s ever won, be it a penny machine or a dollar machine, and he was beyond excited.

Still floating on that penny machine high, we left to go and drop his car off for service. We had left my car at B&N and he was going to drop me and go to Toyota.  I was going to order some dinner from the steak place and then go and pick him up.

Sounds easy, right?

If we hadn’t still been laughing, we might have realized that I had left my car keys in his glove compartment as he drove off for Toyota.


Tuesday was my birthday and I was feeling fine until someone said “You’re a half century old!”.

I would have kicked them but suddenly my sciatica was acting up and I couldn’t lift my leg high enough.


At least there was cake!

At 12:15, there was cake.
2.5 seconds later, there was a lot less cake

7 thoughts on “Half Century

  1. First and most important – mmm, cake. Its so purty too, I can almost taste it!

    Woot for the big win. Leading me into the whole question of if there are casinos in Atlanta. And if so, are they air-conditioned in June? LOL

  2. Happy belated birthday and congratulations on your win. I realize Tom won the money, but I figure you’re going to spend it. Right?

  3. Congrat’s on T’s win,your cake and birthday. Sounds like (other than the keys) everything was wonderful.

  4. I have been away for too long! Shame on me. You really are too too funny.

    Happy Be-lated Birthday! Are you a Taurus? If so, then so I am I! No wonder I like you so much.

    Where are you going? Or perhaps I should read more of your blog right????


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