Late To My Own Party

I just realized that last month was my 5-year blogiversary!

From Blogger to TypePad to WordPress – it’s no wonder I can’t remember how “old” I am.


Tom’s been away for a week and I had a BIG list of things that I wanted to get done.

Wah wah wahhhhhh.

Who needs lists, anyway? Right?


I’ve been working on the second sock of my Marina Piccola’s but I completely flaked on the lace pattern, while doing the instep.

Yes, that’s just the leg portion.  I had gone past the heel and started the foot.

But that’s neither here nor there because I decided I wanted to have a second sock that was RIGHT, not just have a second sock.

I ripped that puppy all the way back to the ribbing, which is 1″ long.

Some would think this is a bad thing but I feel so much better and when I get to that instep point, I’m going to fly thru it.

Holy CHICKENS (that one’s for Marin) I’ve been working on these socks since August.


😦   My Year-Long Swap buddy shut down her blog.  Bye, Veronica!  Package for April is coming soon!!

5 thoughts on “Late To My Own Party

  1. Happy Missed Bloggiversary!! I’ve changed blog platforms too, I must check my start date!! Good luck with your long time sock. It will be worth it!!

  2. Ripped puppies, holy chickens. . . You’ve gone all zoological on us!

    I’m sad to see Veronica go. Hope we can all stay in touch with her some other way.

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