Bag It, Again

The weekend was a busy one.

Saturday I picked up Jane and we went to the Allentown Farmer’s Market. That Dan’s BBQ is an amazing place and I can’t go long without some of his chicken.  We did a tour and filled our bags with produce, pizza kits, bagels and, yes, chicken.

Then a quick lunch and we were on our way to Sephora.  We learned all about dark circles, creams that suck the moisture from the air and deep, cellular penetrators.  Sometimes it’s all I can do to keep from laughing out loud while I’m being pitched.

Since I was still feeling pretty lousy (that made me think of the Lucy skit – Two words you should never use: Lousy and Swell), I spent the remainder of the day with a box of tissues.

Sunday I got up early, did some dusting/vacuuming and waited for a Dynamo Of Energy to arrive.  Mary showed up around noon and proceeded to help me sift thru the contractor sized garbage bags that have been filling up my garage. They were loaded with stuff from my Mom’s house.  Shoes/boots, t-shirts, assorted crappola that my Dad insists on tossing on the couch for me to take home.

Stuff like:

  • blonde haircolor
  • cases of bobby pins
  • hand cream that is over 10 years old
  • hair curlers
  • Tylenol that expired in 1984
  • Rave and Lilt home perm kits

You know…stuff I use every day.

We got thru all of the bags (somewhere around 10 of them), which thrilled me to no end.  The job was fun because it went faster with company and we had some laughs at the assorted items that were so old they had handwritten prices on them.  Yes, no bar codes at all, kids.  There used to be a time when stores had STICKERS for pricing.

We took a break for lunch and went to the supermarket for salad.  It was at this time that I made a comment about how I had dressed for “sloppy work” and couldn’t believe I was going out in public.

She said “That’s one of the benefits of being a certain age.  No one cares what you’re wearing.”

Then her car burst into flames from the look I gave her.

Well, not really but it should have.

I told her that the comment hurt more than getting that AARP notice. And we L-A-U-G-H-E-D.


Then, because we hadn’t done enough, we put together a new set of deck furniture (the one I was sitting on during my balancing act, yesterday). I guess I’m not fully checked-out on the higher cafe chairs.

While I “took a moment”, Mary broke down all of the cardboard boxes and then started to weed around my patio.

I hope that, when I’m her age, I have that kind of energy.

2 thoughts on “Bag It, Again

  1. Oh the days before bar codes, and when the cash register had buttons like a typewriter that had to be pushed hard and they counted up the change. The Olden Days!!!

  2. Hooray for getting things done…even if you have to put up with a little grief to do it.

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