A Smidge Of Time

Yesterday afternoon I decided to sit outside on my deck while I computer chatted with Shan.  It got chilly (64 degrees) and going in and getting a hoodie didn’t improve the temperature.

You have to picture this in your head:

I picked up my laptop – it was still open.  Placed my iPhone on the keyboard, along with the Kensington charger.  Grabbed a banana peel off the table and stuck it in my mouth.  Took my Venti ice coffee in the other hand. S L I D off of the cafe chair…

and tripped over a loose propane tank, knocking it over.

Surprisingly, nothing went tumbling to the deck and I got inside the house.

I turned to lock the door and the phone/charger went sliding to the tile floor.

It was at that point that I decided I shouldn’t do much more than sit in my chair for the rest of the evening.

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