How Far Would You Go?

Anyone who knows me, knows that I’m a bit insane obsessed intense when it comes to chocolate ice cream.

With that knowledge, you can almost guess where the rest of this post is going, when I tell you that I read this blog post.

Instead of doing work orders, I went on a determined search.

(I was going to describe it as an “anal search” but there were no aliens involved and the crazy internet search folk would have a field day with it.  HI CRAZY INTERNET SEARCH FOLK!!)

I scoped out the Ben & Jerry site.  No mention of the elusive Flourless Chocolate Cake flavor.  Actually, very little help with anything at all, on their site.

I did a mad search for WMart Supercenters and started calling them, from closest (7 minutes away) to the fourth one on the list (45 minutes away).

#1’s response was “We don’t carry Ben & Jerry.”.  I found this hard to believe but how could I not?  I’m SURE that the person knew all of the store inventory and, therefore, was able to answer me within 4 seconds.

She lied and I found that out the next day when I walked down aisle #1.  Then I did a little passive-aggressive thingy wherein I called Tom and ranted to him, while I had my head shoved in the freezer door. They didn’t have the flavor.

#2 was very nice and told me that they DID carry B&J. I was on hold a long time but she kept coming back and telling me they were checking.  At one point she said the manager was going to check on the flavor.  No luck.

#3 was also very nice.  It took a while and she finally came back and said they carried B&J but they were too busy for her to find someone to check on the flavor.

I hit gold with #4 and then started to plan the acquisition.

(Imagine lots of smoke coming out of my ears and Gmap action)

Long story not as long as it could be…

I had very little time coming up in the next few days, to do that kind of drive and was kind of freaked that by the time I got to the store IT WOULD ALL BE GONE.

While I was at bowling, Tom did the 90 minute, round-trip drive – he offered and there was no arm twisting necessary – and snagged 6 pints (the article DID mention that it’s a limited time flavor).

The flavor is very good but not much different than their Chocolate Fudge Brownie. (Don’t tell Tom.)

If you want to hoard a Ben & Jerry flavor, search out their Chocolate Therapy.  I’ve only found it at the Borgata casino in Atlantic City.  Don’t think I didn’t do a three-day search for that one.

Aren’t you glad that I’ve broken my silence? 😀

5 thoughts on “How Far Would You Go?

  1. B&J ahve a shop on the mainland now. I think it shows great brand dedication from you and great love from Tom!!!

  2. Okay, so, if you have a BJ’s Brewery & Pizzeria near you, you must go there and order a peanut butter Pizookie with chocolate ice cream. Now. You will not be sorry.

  3. It’s your quirks that make you so very endearing. Plus, I know if I ever drove through your neck of the woods and needed emergency chocolate ice cream, you could provide. That’s comforting.

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