I’ll Be Cured!

Hey, all!

After another day of pain, the Chiro said that I’m a real mess.  She said the only thing that would help me really fast would be to go bungee jumping.  It will align my spine and I’ll finally get to be 5’3″!

I can scratch that one off my bucket list.

OK, so I’m heading off, for that.

Have a great day!!

P.S.  This article really made my day.  It’s like they were reading my mind!!!

5 thoughts on “I’ll Be Cured!

  1. I could never bungee jump, the thought of leaping off into space held up by just rubber bands is not right.
    April Fools???

  2. I find hanging upside down always works the kinks out of my back and, if I do it at least twice a week as maintenance, I have very few back problems. I never thought about bungee jumping although I probably would chicken out and not jump!

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