Last week was rough, physically.

The chiro called in for back-up (no pun intended) and he cracked my next into this next week.  It left me in pain and crying. When the pain left I was afraid it would come back – kind of like a migraine hangover.

Tom went into her office and asked why she tried to kill me so I guess he was worried, too.

I had to bowl on Thurs. and Friday because we were making up for one of our two snow days.  My joints didn’t appreciate the extra three games and I’m hoping that the ProOmega-D pills, that the chiro recommended, start doing their thing…whatever that is.

This week is going to be the mentally rough one.

Tomorrow, hopefully, we are finally selling my Mom’s car.  Wednesday would have been my Mom’s birthday.

I’m hoping that my two reader’s will stick with me because I plan on cracking down on the gloom and sweeping it under the carpet.

That’s considered Spring cleaning, right?

6 thoughts on “Briefly

  1. You poor thing, back pain is, well, a pain in the back. Any physiotherapy I ahve had had always been very helpful, so I think I will avoid the chiropractor!!

  2. I have had the gloom (we all have) and the back pain. No need to apologize – I am “sticking” with you. Take care.

  3. Ah Sweetie. First of all – go Tom!

    So very sorry for the pain. Meds are the best advice I can give you on this one. If you are like me at all – even a good pain pill loses its attraction a week or so in. Stay off your feet, rest. This is prime knitting time, take advantage.

    And the whole Mom thing – I am your GO-TO person on this subject. I’m in the middle of the same feelings, at the same stage of the process and we can help each other I bet. Just call.

    As for the blog, I think that your readers want to know when you are happy or sad. Its why we come back. Long distance friends who want to support you thru the good and the not so good. Spill it all. We are here.

    Hugs. And stuff. 🙂

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