This weekend Tom and I are taking an advanced photography class, so I can learn how to use my Valentine’s Day present.

I took these with my iPhone. Kinda funny, right? No?

Tom doesn’t need to be there because he knows what all of the P, A, S, M, F-stop and icons mean but a gal needs her driver, doesn’t she?

Hopefully, I’ll learn how to take better photo’s of these

This picture is SO clear that I can see fuzz on the center crystal!

for my Artfire shop.

4 thoughts on “Click!

  1. Are you seeing any big difference between etsy and Artfire? Should I open a shop at the latter, too?

  2. I’ve had my OlySP560uz for over a year and a half. Many of the settings I don’t use and sometimes we wrestle with focus and the camera wins. There is a general Olympus Digicam FAQ somewhere on the Oly site which I found helpful. (BTW-I’m totally jealous!)

  3. Taking pictures of your camera with your iPhone is totally meta.

    I love my Olympus P&S… I had thought to get a Canon big camera, though. I’ll look forward to you guinea pigging the Olympus for me. šŸ™‚

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