Thanks to Bridget, my Year Long Swap spoiler, for sending my February AND March items all at once.

February is a muslin, project bag
Look at the tag! "Pretty cheep project bag". Get it? Bird! CHEEP! Ha ha!
March is a Mobius Cowl pattern, with multiple size choices.

The funny thing is that they came from two Philly yarn stores that I had visited a few years ago, while on a yarn crawl.

Even better is that Veronica, the person I am spoiling, is about two hours from me, as well.  We could ALL go on a yarn crawl.

Small world!


Yesterday’s Wordless Wednesday photo is a Joby Gorillapod and the saying “We are here.” came from (in this instance)  Torchwood: Children of Earth. It announced the alien’s landing and…well, it’s a great show and go read about it.  And thanks for playing!

6 thoughts on “Swappage

  1. Very amusing!! What a nice coincidence that you are all so close. But it’s very fuunny because I think two hours is so far away: here, two hours is the other end of the island!!!!

  2. I’m so glad that the package arrived in a reasonable amount of time! I hope the cowl pattern is something you might like – it looks challenging enough to be interesting, and familiar enough to be enjoyable.

    Yarn Crawl! sounds more exciting than Road Trip!

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