Crack! How’s That Feel?

Just so you’re pretty much up to date:

– Yes, our well pump died last weekend.  Sunday morning Tom was digging thru the 14″ of snow to make a path to the well cap so they could get to the pump.  One new pump later and I can do laundry and dishes without worrying.  Maybe I shouldn’t have said anything about it not working.

– The snow is almost completely gone and I couldn’t be happier.  Beautiful weather in the 50’s make me want to get into the car, put on some music and drive for hours.

– I’ve opened up an Artfire shop for my stitch markers. I’ve really got the bug to do some marker making but Etsy seems to be stalling and I just wanna wrap.

No, I’m not going to rap.  I’m a white, Jewish woman for cryin’ out loud.

When I have new sets up in the shop, I’ll be tweeting, posting to FaceBook and here, since I’m trying to get some buzz going.  If you read all three, I apologize in advance.

– I started going to a chiropractor two weeks ago and she was surprised at the amount of tension I’m holding in my neck.

I tried to hold it in my nose but the saying “You’re a pain in my nose.” just didn’t catch on. *rimshot*

Today I went for a Myofascial Release Massage.  I was going to put a link for it but there’s lots of them thar words so I’ll just put this little section here:

The direct myofascial release (or deep tissue work) method works on the restricted fascia. Practitioners use knuckles, elbows, or other tools (is THAT why she wore a tool belt?) to slowly stretch the restricted fascia by applying a few kilograms-force or tens of newtons. (I looked everywhere but didn’t see any Fig Newtons.  This information might be a myth.) Direct myofascial release seeks for changes in the myofascial structures by stretching, elongation of fascia, or mobilising adhesive tissues. The practitioner moves slowly through the layers of the fascia until the deep tissues are reached.

An even shorter explanation is that it feels ok while they’re doing it but two hours later you feel like you have the flu, as every muscle that they massaged, brushed or even looked at starts to tighten up.

– My Knitting Olympics dreams were crushed when my circular needle failed at both ends.  I’m still waiting for a replacement and my first glove only has one finger.

That’s right.  My glove is giving me the finger.  Move along.

5 thoughts on “Crack! How’s That Feel?

  1. But you displayed the Olympic spirit, so it’s a spiritual win!! Ow, that massage sounds brutal, but if it gets rid of all your stress, it is great!!

  2. Wow, you are having a tough time these days arent you? At least most of it sounds fixable, eventually. My best wishes are with ya 😀

  3. Your new Artfire store is gorgeous! I love the ability to link to the Amazon wish list. Hmm… hope they don’t have a limit. I’d go over with all the lovely stitch markers I like.

  4. Honey, I hold every bit of tension in my neck, too. And, god, how much help a chiropractor has been to me.

    Gotta find me one of them massage things as well. . .

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