The Question Is…

Why would anyone make a full pot of this fantastic dish, to which I added chicken, on a day when he won’t be home for dinner?

I ask myself that very question as I stand over the pot, fork in hand, shovelling it in.

Hey. A person can shovel when there are only two in the family.

The second question is this:

Why would anyone do all of this cooking – especially with parmesan cheese that loves to create a HUGE lump on the cooking utensils – when the well pump is being so picky about working, and the possibility of not being able to wash all of the utensils and pans is looming high?

Also, the shower went dry on me this morning and the laundry pile isn’t getting any smaller.

This one’s gotta be chalked up to sleep deprivation and cabin fever.

3 thoughts on “The Question Is…

  1. After reading your tweet about things in the toilet, I was a bit leery of the graphic(s) I might find here. Thanks for keeping it word-only.

  2. Is that the recipe that didnt say ‘when to add the bacon’? Because if it is I’m going to send you back to the directions.

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