More Progress

Just a quick Knitting Olympics update.

My KnitPicks size 0 cable decided to FAIL on me when I had just started working on the index finger of my glove.  Both ends of the cable came out of the needles and it wasn’t a good moment for me.

At 11PM last night I was in the craft room, rooting around to find another project that I might be able to start/complete by Monday.

I had yarn, pattern and needles at the ready to start a pair of Monkey socks. Yeah, I know.  Everyone has done them but I like to be behind the curve.  Kinda starting a NEW curve, if you will.

After calling 2 LYS and going into (blech) Hobby Lobby and not finding the needles, I decided to try to make do with what I have.

Stuck those cables back into the needles and, being ever mindful of the GAP between cable and needle, I started to work on my finger.

Here’s my progress.

(Shan, the color is almost exact.  IRL is a bit darker but it’s an iPhone picture, taken at the allergist’s office.)

Since we’re on Snow Watch #4, I hope to do lots of knitting tomorrow.

I’ll also be calling KP about that darned needle.  I talk them up at every opportunity and for them to do this to me…well…it’s enough to dampen one’s Olympic Spirit!

4 thoughts on “More Progress

  1. I am glad that you have shown such fighting spirit. Truly, if our sunburnt country can win two Winter Golds, I reckon you can finish gloves and Monkeys!!!

  2. Never, ever, ever knit on Size 0 needles. They would SO be banned from any Olympics.

  3. Sooo awesome! The color & the pattern! Size 0 needles are hell. I’d rather go up a size or two and knit crazy tight stitches. And you just crack me up, I’m imagining what “not a good moment for me” means. !!

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