Haven’t done any knitting since Monday, when I found out that the hand on my glove is too large. Curse me and my 7″ hand.

Tuesday night I decided that I’d do a little frogging – only about 10 rows – and then go down a needle size.  My only size 1 needle is occupied so I chose to use a size 0.

Rip, rip, rip.

Nope.  This won’t look right because the stockinette stitch done on the size 2 will poof out.

Riiiiiip, rip, rip.

I ended up frogging 36 rows, all the way down to where the ribbing on the wrist side ends.  This brings me into the middle of the cable pattern.

I slowly put in the 0 needle and tinked the last row, finally back on track.  Then I began knitting and realized that I needed more light – dark colored yarn at night is bad for my poor, old eyes.  I reached over to my light and my arm somehow got caught in the cable of my needle and ZIP! pulled the needle right out.

Are you with me?  30 stitches, some of them cables, flapping in the breeze.

I believe there was some kind of shriek and I’m pretty sure that it came from me.  My eyes started to blur as I carefully picked up the stitches for a third time.

Then I put my knitting away.

3 thoughts on “Rav…Ripolympics

  1. Nothing worse than trying to save those tiny little stitches when I needle falls out. Start anew tomorrow, all will be better with natural light. 🙂

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