V Day on Tuesday

I know there was a holiday and I just glossed over it.

One reason was that Tom picked up the mail, when Shan’s package got here. He took it to work, left it at work, and I didn’t see it until it was a day late.

Another reason is that I took lots of pictures and it takes me a while to get those onto my computer. It’s not a difficult process, I’m just lazy.

I have a love of hearts, which I probably got thru my Mom. I like the wonkier shaped ones and the perfect ones. She loved the traditional shaped ones…preferably with diamonds around them. LOL.

Shan one upped those by doing hearts and chocolate, including a brilliant switch-a-roo with a glass blown/lampwork heart.

First, the box (up against a mug I just bought for myself). Love the color!

Then the goodies inside.  Norman Love is a master chocolatier and I know he hand-made MY chocolate, personally.  Maybe not…but still, look at them!

Aren’t they beautiful?  Shiny, perfect, CHOCOLATE!  Except for one…

Triple slam.  Heart, shiny and black.  Squeeeee! and Thank You!!

Just one more heart, for today.

Starbucks cup, bringing it for the month.

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