Going For The Gold

I’ve been snow blind, for the past few days.  I have tons of photos but don’t want to have to go thru them because it’s out there…glowing…in. my. face.

Instead, I’m telling you about my late entry into the Ravelympics/Knitting Olympics.  I haven’t spoken with any of the officials. I may be DQ’d because of not having my “paperwork” filled out in time.  But, DANG IT!, I’m knitting!

The Rules: Choose a project to knit, cast on during the opening ceremonies, and bind off before/during the closing ceremonies.

Project: Knotty Gloves

Yarn: Blue Moon Fiber Arts, Socks That Rock Lightweight

Colorway: Ravenscroft

Needles: Size 2

Since I’m an Olympic Rebel, and possibly on the run from the IKOC, I cast on yesterday, got this far

and after the usual Sunday morning chores, I’m heading back to the Olympic Village to get to work on the thumb gusset.

Please don’t rat me out.  I’m not above yarn bribery.

3 thoughts on “Going For The Gold

  1. If the IKOC gets too close, don’t forget the Knitting Underground! You do remember the password, yes?

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