Sock Machine Round-Up

Over the past two weeks, I’ve been trying to get back to learning how to use my NZAK Circular Sock Machine.

Or, as Marin refers to it “The Evil Sock Machine”.

Since I failed at my attempts to use the ribber attachment, I’ve decided that I’m going to perfect attempt making heels.

Stop laughing, Jess. Remember you’re only a 3-ish hour drive away and I still might show up on your doorstep with CSM parts hanging from my arms.

Last weekend it took 4 attempts to get close

Shadowy area at the right is a heel "cup"

which progressed to this

Oh, come ON. You see the start of a heel, right? RIGHT??

Fast forward, kinda, thru a week of knitting with Jane

the trip to Dad’s, an AWESOME day at bowling (games of 172-180-231), working and other minor distractions

You workin'?
When I want lap, I want lap. PEH! on that evil machine.

to Saturday’s small accomplishment of

She ain't pretty....she's my heeeeel.

and my first attempt Sunday

and I live to crank another day.

3 thoughts on “Sock Machine Round-Up

  1. Progress is a good thing. There must be people out there who need toe-less ankle-less socks, right? 🙂

    At least you got right back on that horse, I’m super impressed!

  2. Wow, that’s a lot of snow, no wonder you are using your sock machine!!! Just think, once you get it all sorted out, you can make socks for octopuses you will be so fabulous at it!!!

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