Friday With My NZAK

This morning we took Wes to the vet for another dental check-up.  This was also supposed to be a “specimen” check but he knew what was going to happen and he refused to use the litter box.  I guess he figured that if he didn’t “go”, he wouldn’t have to GO.

He took the visit in his usual fashion and hid under the towel in his crate.  Then he clung to his Mom until the vet pried him away and took him into the back to scrape the little fella’s teeth.

Now I have to try to brush his teeth with a piece of gauze on my finger, for a little bit more abrasiveness.  (I know that some would say I’m plenty abrasive.)

The joy at being home was evident by the rolling all over the floor, as soon as he got out of his crate.

Oh, Wes rolled on the floor, too.

I’m going to try to spend the rest of the afternoon being cranky.

Note: The “wipies” are paper shop towels.  The “pointy end” is called a spout.  The “hooks” are needles.  I never claimed to be a One-Take Wonder and this 4 minute video took me about half an hour. :-O

3 thoughts on “Friday With My NZAK

  1. Ah the joy of cats at the vet, MrsDrWho’s cats are very good now when I take them. Though they shun me for a week or so after when I go to visit!!
    Oh how lovely to hear your voice, and I loved the tour!!

  2. Hubby listening across the room. All he heard was something about a ballwinder being low and a tool for tight crevasses. A bit scared of you now. lol

    Can NOT wait for the finished sock!!

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