I’ll Take It

Sunday was a “stay at home” day.  A bit of dusting, some laundry, sand blasting the tub.  The usual stuff.

I threw on a pair of T’s sweat pants, an oversized white t-shirt (might be my Dad’s from when I took his blanket home for washing) and a hoodie.  It was really comfy, with the t-shirt hanging out the bottom of the hoodie.

Getting the picture?

I figured if I had to go to the store, I’d just toss on jeans and do a little tucking.

So when T got home, I asked him how he liked my “outfit”.

Bless him, it didn’t take him 2 seconds to say “You look very college chic.”, not that either one of us knows what passes for college chic, these days.

And then…..oh, my heart…he said

“If you went to the store like that, you’d pass for a 25-year-old grad student.”.

I’ll just let that set in.

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