Thanks A Slot

Why is it so hard to start a post?

….hmmm….duhhhhhh….ooh, pretty bird….am I hungry?…my nose is cold…

Monday & Tuesday, I took a trip with Sandy to the casino.  Tom drove up after work and we had a blast playing the penny machines.  How can someone not have fun when it takes about 5 minutes for the machine to ring up this “big” win?

Wednesday, we made the trip to my Dad’s and got stuck on – I said ON – the George Washington Bridge for two hours. They shut it down because of an accident AND a spill (two drums of antifreeze).  Our 3.5 hour ride turned into 5.5 hours.  Next time we’ll think twice before chugging a 20-ounce latte during the trip.

Shortest visit ever.

We had barely gotten there before we had to start the trip back to beat rush hour – which, if you’ve ever driven thru NY, you know that EVERY hour is rush hour.

I brought home an aloe plant that, somehow, survived being ignored for over a year.  It wasn’t in any soil but it wasn’t paper thin.

I hope I don’t kill it with kindness.

Thursday was bowling and I kicked some alley butt with scores of 201-165-193 for a 569 series. I have a lot of work to do if I’m ever to get a 600 but the past two weeks have been hopeful.

When I got home I found the package from Shan.  Whoo hoo!

Wes has an appreciation for a hand-woven shawl.

2 thoughts on “Thanks A Slot

  1. I remember being stuck in traffic trying to get on the Throgs Neck bridge one Thanksgiving. I think we were sitting there for at least three hours. Last time I ever tried to get to the Island on Thanksgiving day! (Also last time I took the Throgs Neck I think … after that we switched to the Hutch and the Whitestone.

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