For The Love Of…

Shan send me an awesome package (that sat outside because the mailman was being cheeky and stuck it in a secret, hidden area), filled with Madagascar goodness.

I went to take pictures and all of my cameras were almost totally dead.  I got the pictures but have to charge the batteries to get the photos off. (My apologies to the town for draining the grid with my 3 batteries.)

I’ll direct you to Rox’s* post, for a preview.  My package was similar but with enough difference to entice you back tomorrow, to see what I got.

Y’all come back now, ya hear?

*Linkage fixed, Rox.  Sorry!

3 thoughts on “For The Love Of…

  1. Where you as mesmerized by the package as I was?! Can’t wait to see yours!

    And that link is not me….I’m way cuter. Ok, so I’m not. But still, not me!

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