Sunday Breakfast

I’m finding that I only have time to do posts on the weekend, which is strange because I have ALL the time.  I took pictures for a different post but can’t find my camera cable.  That means only iPhone pictures until Tom gets home from the gym.

That leaves me with Sunday breakfast.

This is the last of my Anniversary presents, given to me a few days ago.  It’s one of my favorites because I had a pan like it, a while ago, until the teflon started to come off.

With this beauty, I can make the small pancakes that I love.

And put a slice of banana into each one right after pouring them.

See?  All of my food pics come out looking…not so great.

And I even did some scrambled eggs, just to see what happens.What happens is you end up with REALLY flat eggs.

But still yummy.

And that is my breakfast tale.

4 thoughts on “Sunday Breakfast

  1. We call the little pancakes pikelets!! I love them with jam and cream, or with blueberries or banana in them like you have. I also like them with apple,thinly sliced on one side and they kind of caramelise in the butter. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm.
    Yep, maybe not the eggs!!!!!

  2. oooh i love!!!!

    would love to be able to make a heap of little pikelets without them touching and sticking

    hehe flat eggs work well for sandwiches and rolls though so they dont push the rest of the filling out! 🙂

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