First Blood

I don’t consider myself a clumsy person but lately I’m just not sure.

This morning, while reading the “papers” in bed (on my iPhone), my Dad called.  While attempting the difficult maneuver of moving the phone to my ear, I dropped it on my mouth and split my lip.  Tom thought this was pretty funny and so did I.

Red on the outside. Bloody on the inside. Can you hear me now?

Should I be worried that my phone is going to have blood lust?  I’m not sure but I may have to revise my opinion of my stealthiness.

4 thoughts on “First Blood

  1. I’ll see your iphone and raise you a finger (in a nice way!!) I was washing my hair and my face in the shower and somehow in my enthusiasm I stuck my index finger up one nostril and injured the inside of my nose with my finger nail!!!! I was going to say I am surprised they let us out, but all our injuries are inflicted at home!!!

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