When Life Hands You Ditalini

…make Pasta e Fagioli.

This weekend I tucked myself inside of the house and got all domestic.

I started with a TSR (Top Secret Recipe) clone of Olive Garden’s Pasta e Fagioli.  This recipe is fantastic and instead of putting the pasta into the soup, I always make it and keep it separate.  That way if we want to have a bowl we can add the pasta before heating and it won’t get all mushy.  Or, as has happened to me, the pasta has soaked up ALL of the soup and left me with some sort of Pasta e Fagioli stew.

I catch on after a while.

Then I moved forward to making chicken soup.  This was supposed to be a simple Amish-style chicken and corn soup.  It morphed when I bought Pastina (Ooh!  I can make Chicken and Stars!) and their “simple” recipe called for Basil and Oregano.

“Blech!”  I thought,  “That’s not what I want to make and I won’t add that to my clean, simple soup!”

Then I did.  And more.

Saffron, basil, oregano, chili powder and cayenne all went into the pot.  And some drained, petite diced tomatoes.

If you’re gonna embellish, go for the big sparkles and doo dads.

And, today, I’m putting in those stars.

2 thoughts on “When Life Hands You Ditalini

  1. Hubby says to beg you for TSR. 🙂

    Where are all the soup pics?

    Been thinking about you lately – miss your posts. Happy that when I stopped by today there were two! Squee.

    Hugs and stuff…

  2. i get that happen with me too when i make soup with pasta..leave it for awhile (when you dont eat it all)and you end up with a stew.

    i wanna see piccies!! i love making soup in winter! cant wait for it to get cold so i can make some again!

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