Fuzzy Tale

About six years ago – I’m guessing at that, trying to do strange chronological calculations and coming up dry – I got it into my head that I wanted to knit a coat.

It was before I was a middling yarn snob and when I thought that Knitter’s was the best knitting magazine EVER. Ha.

So I found a pattern (I’m getting flashes of a green sweater coat with flowers -maybe swirls – but I’m too lazy to go and look thru all of my Knitter’s mags) and chose red as my color.  Lamb’s Pride has such pretty colors of red, and I wanted it to look kind of ombre-d, so off I went.

(Wow, that’s blurry.)

When I put it on it looked like a bathrobe.  Worse, IT looked like a bathrobe and I looked like I had gained about 50 lbs.

I put it away for a while and during one of Mom’s visits, she said that she’d like to have it.  No problem and here ya go!

So now I have the sweater back and it needed some freshening so I tossed it into my washer on the Hand Wash cycle, added some SOAK and let it go.  I figured that if it did any fulling it would only help the…ahem..width factor.  A little machine drying, on Low, and it was fresh as a daisy.

If a daisy smells like a wet sheep.

Today I tried it on and hoped that it was slimmer, I had grown about 6″, my hair was long and I was 28 again.  My decision was that the collar was too narrow,

I should have put on pockets and would NEVER wear it with the belt.

My favorite part is the seed stitch at the bottom and ends of the sleeves.

It gets worse.

I took it off and my black shirt was a black shirt with red “hair”.  The sweater sheds like a SOB, thanks to the mohair content in the yarn.

Now I hate it even more and I think my only option is to do some quick cutting, sewing and felting.

Could this be my next felted tote?

4 thoughts on “Fuzzy Tale

  1. Oh no, all that careful and lovely work. Knitting garments is fraught with danger I think. I have a cardigan with a giant lacy edging around the whole outer edge that took ages, and it is a horrid cardigan and I am unravelling it!!
    Good luck with whatever you choose to do with The Red Devil!!

  2. Your mom didn’t want it anymore? It looks so nice in the pictures. I can’t seem to escape the shedding of sweaters either. There must be something nice you can do with this sweater! Pillow?

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