Still Frog Resistant

I’m still working in the Room.

Wes is doing his part, of course.  He’s checking for yarn, in case I’ve missed a skein.

And I’m still imagining that if I leave it alone, Arianne will be just fine.

Poor Ariann.

UPDATE 2:24pm

The yarn still giggles and hides but I found 2 sets of size 6 and one set each of 7 & 8 KnitPicks Options tips.

Found my Central Park Hoodie. Fronts, back and hood are all done and sewn at the shoulders.  Sleeves are knit.  Can’t even remember why I didn’t finish this but it’s moved up the list, now.

Also found 1 complete and 1/4 of the second Marina Piccola sock.

Maybe I should enter the UFO’s group, for the Ravelympics?

4 thoughts on “Still Frog Resistant

  1. Too many animals with their heads in bags and boxes!!!
    You have done such an excellent job with all your tidying. I don’t think, leaving the Arianne alone will actually help!!!
    A Whole CPH?? Sew it up quickly and you can wear it!!!

  2. i am jealous of all the tidying you have done! my house needs doing and was SUPPOSE to be done back few months ago but we all got sleep out of order (teach us for rearranging our bedroom first and then being out of whack where bed was moved to) so it didnt happen! once all the heat has gone (so autumn) i think i will kick butts and we will get it done.

    Arianne is such a gorgeous colour!

  3. Good job Bob on the cleaning. And what a great helper in Wes eh?! I too have a CPH almost completed hiding away in a bag in the closet. Maybe its a flaw in the pattern/design. Uncompleteable. Its a word.

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