Bit O’ Progress

Rox called me a WIP Whisperer. It’s got a nice ring to it.

Here’s Jane’s sweater, after the 3″ frogging and my joining it in the round.

Here’s my lace-weight mini Clapotis.

I’ve got 9 repeats done on the straight section and I’m going to knit this as long as I can stand to work it. Then I’ll put it away and work on it again, until the yarn is gone.

I’ve got another mini Clappy that I got sick of knitting so I finished it. It wraps around my neck once but doesn’t hang as long as I’d like.

Monday I said that I was going to un-do the decrease area and make it longer. I looked thru my knitting room for the yarn.

How hard could it be to find the Lorna’s Laces in Pinstripe? “It’s wound and in THIS drawer.”, I said to myself. I went up the stairs and into the room three times. (This is similar to the “if only it was in my size” trick that happens at the stores. If you look long enough, maybe your size will materialize.)

It would have been faster if I had just checked my Ravelry page. There I saw that I had gifted the remainder of the second skein.

What a dope. A generous dope but a dope none the less.

Now I’m going to start thinking about the 2010 Ravelympics. You can bet that whatever I make, I’ll make sure I have enough yarn.

Anyone want to start a team? Yeah, I’m looking at YOU.

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