Title…I Have None

I’m going to preface this post with the statement of


I know that there are lovely holidays tucked inside but the cold really gets to me.

As does:

  • The dampness.
  • The headaches.
  • The allergies.
  • The sore throats.
  • The nosebleeds.
  • The lack of birds.
  • Seeing Tallulah – the pseudo stray cat – when it’s cold/damp outside.
  • Not being able to garden.

I miss my Mom something fierce and the daily talks with my Dad aren’t doing good things to my mind.  He doesn’t talk about her and I’m afraid to mention her.  He’s still doing the “I hope I die soon” thing, as well.

Getting out of bed is a real chore.

Those are the reasons that I haven’t been posting very much.

I have been tweeting a lot – I tweet from my phone and it’s so much faster/easier than trying to remember what I was thinking “for later” – so if you’re on Twitter you can catch my daily ramblings.  Those tweets also show up on my sidebar, if you aren’t Twit-ish.

Yes, there’s been some knitting and I’m really thankful for the weekly “knitting group” meetings. Susan (she made soap! LOL) is entrenched in finals until after Christmas but Jane and I have been entertaining the Barnes & Noble workers, in her absence.

Yesterday I took home Jane’s top-down sweater to do a little Knitting 911.  She kinda forgot to join it in the round once her v-neck increases were done and I had to rip about 3″.  It was better she didn’t see the process and it took me about an hour to pick up the stitches, after the ripping. The ripping was a little therapeutic but I stopped where I needed to stop.  I’m going to surprise her by joining it and doing about an inch or so before handing it back, tomorrow.

Shan (something’s fishy) read that last paragraph as “Blah, blah, blah, Knitting, blah, blah.”  Hee hee!

This whole post was spurred on by Rox.  Her latest post made me laugh. Yes, grumbling makes me laugh. Misery loves company, and all that sort of rot.

4 thoughts on “Title…I Have None

  1. Poor you, I am here hating Summer, 29 or 30*C here today but then snow at the weekend!! Hurray!!
    You are a kind knitter, I hope you get back some knitterly karma.

  2. Hey, I did not know you were the WIP whisperer. Where shall I send the uhaul truck full of my mess ups?

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