Not So Surprising

The “no leak” from two days ago has turned into “Ethel, get the water wings!”.

Yes, the leak is back.

So to sum up the last 2 days – we are floating in the basement and, when the heat comes on, it still sounds like a jet engine.

Add to that Tom going to Lowe’s and buying weather stripping for the garage door.  Pulling off the old stuff and then both of us weren’t able to slide on the new stripping.  Really, the Samsonite gorilla wouldn’t have been able to do this.

Yes, it’s Winter and we had snow yesterday.  What?  You’re not supposed to do this type of maintenance now?


6 thoughts on “Not So Surprising

  1. Oh No!! You poor things. I hope it all works out well!!
    Nothing like a bit of weather to inspire some work, is there??!!

  2. oh bugger!! and its not cheap to get things fixed this time of year either! I swear they jack the prices up just for Dec!!

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