What Happened To Thursday?

Last I remember, it was Wednesday.
I was working up new ads for Ravelry
and the heat pump repair man (RM) was checking on a leak in the basement.

A quick light flicker and FZZZZZZZTT! later – not smelling BBQ – Tom went down to check on RM. He was fine but he had fried the heat pump motor.

Thank goodness for the “home shield” policy which made the $800 repair no extra charge. The fact that the motor he installed sounds like a jet landing everytime the heat comes on is pretty annoying to my super power hearing. But there’s heat…and no leak anymore.

Thursday was lost to bowling, allergy shots and my ravenous hunger.

Today I’ve spent the day feeling pre-cold, drinking tea and knitting – what feels like – miles of garter stitch, for a jacket.

Yeah, the first picture is not it but I thought it was prettier than the lump of softness that is the second photo.

3 thoughts on “What Happened To Thursday?

  1. The knitting goddesses and the home repair deities must be at war, and we mortals are stuck in the middle. Hope you don’t get the cold.

  2. ah garter stitch..some days its a blessing..others it just goes on forever!!

    what sort of bowling do you do? i do leage 10pin bowling on thursday mornings 🙂

    glad no one got zapped in all the kafuffle!

  3. Hmmm…ours sounded like a jet engine too when it was first installed. Turned out they had the jumpers in the wrong position and the fan was starting at high speed. Believe me when I say even warm air feels cold at 90mps 😀

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