Finally, Proof

Here’s the proof that we knit at Barnes & Noble.

Photo brought to you by Shooshie. I think her "People of Barnes & Noble" speeches will be published, shortly.

Well, not necessarily proof of actual knitting.  More like proof of being there and having breakfast.

We think about knitting and even bring it with us.  See my Jessalu bag (tribal print)?  That’s proof, I say!

(I don’t think the link took in the photo caption.  Try this one – SHOOSHIE.)

It’s fun to say, too.  SHOOSHIE!

3 thoughts on “Finally, Proof

  1. How wonderful to have a bookshop where you can sit, read (KNIT I mean) and have a beverage too. That’s a great idea. I have to read, eat (and spill things on me because I’m not paying enough attention to where my mouth is) and have a cup of tea in a cafe.
    Nice bag!!!!

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