A Quick Round-Up


Are You Sure It Isn’t Monday?

Yesterday we got up at 3am to make the trip to my Dad’s and got there so early that we took a nap in our car before going into the house.  A Prius is NOT comfortable for napping.

I dropped a glass refrigerator shelf (Dad’s 2nd new fridge in less than 2 months.  Knock wood that he will now have enough room for his rolls.) on my bad wrist.

Today we have found flies – a leftover from the critter that died somewhere under our dishwasher, over 3 weeks ago.  Luckily they are A) Very slow and I can kill them without having to chase them and 2) the exterminator says they should be gone within 5 days.

While the exterminator was here, Tom found a flood under our water heater.

The dentist tried out a new method of numbing just one tooth, which didn’t work.  He tried it twice and then had to first start numbing up my whole lower jaw.  One small filling took over 90 minutes.

I bowled so badly that if I had stayed home my team would have won.

I went to turn on the outside light and it blew, only about 3 weeks after we replaced it.

I will now employ the hiding under the covers technique until I am sure that the day has passed…or the flies get me.

4 thoughts on “A Quick Round-Up

  1. Oh no!!! We have those slow dead creature flies sometime too!! (dead mouse under the house) Let’s face it, tomorrow can only be better. I had a bad day last week when I broke two glasses on the floor and spilled a whole bowl of raspberries.

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