Only 40 Minutes Away

Another brief trip, sponsored by Sandy and her “I’ve got a suite, wanna go?” attitude.

(Early apologies.  All photo’s are with my iPhone and it was dark in the casino.)
slotsTom even dropped by for a little gambling and then dinner at the lovely, if a bit dark, steak house.  Thank goodness we decided to share the prime rib dinner because, no lie, it was as big as my thigh.  We both ate and Sandy had a slice and then Tom took home the other half.  It was HUGE!

This morning I didn’t think I’d want to play the slots but I knew that Sandy wanted to hang around, have lunch and then drive home.  (See above)

Let me tell you…those penny slots?  You’d think they were boring but I had so much fun playing that the people around me must have thought I was crazy. I was playing 2 credits for 9 lines which translates into my playing 18 cents a pull!!!

I laughed every time I hit a Spin Bonus – if you hit 3 of them on a pull, the machine gives you 12 free spins – and I was thrilled when I won 358 credits.  It was just too funny that they were pennies. In the time that I sat there, I had 5 Spin Bonus hits. I didn’t get a photo of the last win – I had a Spin Bonus and won another Spin Bonus while it was doing the free spins!

Next time we go, I’m going to hit up those Penny slots a lot sooner.  More laughing is always a good thing.

2 thoughts on “Only 40 Minutes Away

  1. We have “Till On The Hill” about 15 minutes away!! I play the 2 cent machines occasionally. Sounds like a great time was had by all!!!

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