Back On Track?

Yesterday was the first time in 9 weeks that I was able to bowl.  I only played one game and threw a 140, which isn’t spectacular – my average at the end of last season was a 159 – but I did it without pain and that was a good thing.

Does the blurry make my butt look big?

Next week I’m hoping to bowl the first two of three games.  The doc said to get back into it gradually and I’d hate to over-do and end up spending another 8 weeks wearing a brace.

If the wrist continues to feel good, I’m going to get back to the sock knitting machine on Saturday.


Hand cranking requires a fair amount of wrist action and I’m aiming my sights on doing a total sock.

S’all for today.


2 thoughts on “Back On Track?

  1. You look exceedingly slim. Usually I can’t even lift a bowling ball, I have used a child’s Lime Green ball in the past!!!

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