Go West, Young Marker

I surprised myself and was able to make up 100 stitch markers, get them packaged and shipped out – all in a week.  Not bad considering the bum wrist.

Lucky 50

Now they’re off to the West Coast, to be part of the goodie bags, for the lucky knitters going to Knot Hysteria.

I’m jealous of my own “kids”.


3 thoughts on “Go West, Young Marker

  1. You work so hard, put so much effort in to make them right and then, before you know it they have left home with not even a backward glance: Kids!! Oh I mean stitch markers!!!

  2. Seeing your photo of all those stitch markers is enough to make me swoon. You make the prettiest, handiest, best markers anywhere! Now I’m all homesick. I can’t wait to get back to California to see my collection of stitch markers again. Er, I mean husband. Yeah, that’s the ticket; husband first, stitch markers second. Ahem.

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