Stitches East…Really


Because I know to book the hotel reeeeaalllly early, we got into the Marriott and that meant that we had to walk less than 50 steps to get from the elevator to the Convention Center.  No need to go outside.  Starbucks in the hotel lobby – you know I was in heaven, right?

Hartford has a free shuttle that loops around the city – you never have to give up your parking spot to get to dinner. They run about every 12 minutes so you don’t have to wait (in the rain) very long if you miss one. If you tell the driver you’re in the mood for BBQ, he’ll tell you what stop has the best BBQ.

The first night we went to Black-Eyed Sally’s BBQ & Blues and the next we hit Mayor Mike’s Bistro.

bread n hummus
Warm bread and garlic hummus. Yum!

Mayor Mike

What?  Oh.  Stitches.  Right.

Jane made the first purchase.


First Purchase

and after that it was all a blur.

Here’s the combined haul.

Whole haul
Jane bought everything to the left of the middle blob. The rest is mine.

A kit for a “Wrapped In Alpaca” jacket?…sweatshirt?  Not really sure but I tried on the sample and it looked nicer than the photo (which is part of the kit).  100% alpaca in dark blue. Sooooo soft.

wrapped in alpaca

A skein of Socks That Rock, medium weight, in Strange Brew colorway.

STR1You need to see it from the back, to get the full effect of the colors.

It was difficult to limit myself to just one skein.
half n half
"1/2 n 1/2" yarn. 50% milk(!)/50% wool

So I had to buy the “Milky” pattern, as well.

cabled mitts

Another impulse purchase of Koigu


I’m pretty sure I have yarn that looks a lot like this. DARN YOU, STITCHES!!

And, finishing up the yarn purchases, a skein of Madeline Tosh lace-weight in Duchess colorway.  The actual yarn looks almost black, with shots of purple thru it.  Jane and I bought this yarn (hers is black/blue) and started making skinny Clapotis (Clapoti? Clapotises? Clapotis’?) on Saturday night.

Mad Tosh Duchess

Why is it SO difficult to start this pattern?  We ripped out the first 8 rows about 7 times, combined.

Some folks may think I bought a lot but this is the smallest haul I’ve ever come away with.  I felt a bit of “yarn bloat” and will be working very hard to thin out the stash.

Just a few more pics, tomorrow.

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