Stitches East

It’s been over a week and I always have trouble playing catch-up but I took the pictures and, darn it, I’m catching you up!  I’ll do it in short posts so you don’t fall asleep (unless you already have) before I’m done.

I have a GPS but didn’t want to have to go over the George Washington Bridge on a Friday morning so I attacked Google Maps for an alternate route.

Big mistake.

I fiddled with the route so much that, when we followed the directions, it took us off an exit to a road that wasn’t.  So I called Tom (like he could help me when he was 2 states away) and he suggested that we follow the GPS.

Back on the highway, we spotted another Exit 9 and thought “Hmmmm.   I wonder if that’s the 9 we should have taken before?”.

So we did…

and it wasn’t.

AGAIN following the GPS, until we hit a major slow-down due to an accident.  Off again and, this time, I consulted my phone to see if I could get us back to the alternate route.

To make an already long story not as long as it still could be, the end result was a 3 1/2 (max) hour drive took us 5 hours.

And we couldn’t have had more fun.

Are we there yet?  Nope.  But almost.

Stitches E 2009 1

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